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Blown-In Insulation


Approximately 75%-85% of blown-in cellulose insulation is made up of recycled paper and cardboard with the remainder being a fire-retardant material such as boric acid or ammonium sulfate, giving it the highest recycled content of any insulation available and making it the product of choice for growing numbers of consumers. This environmentally friendly insulation material is composed of thousands of tiny particles that easily conform to oddly shaped or hard-to-reach areas to provide full coverage and protection. It is effective in both walls and attics and can save you as much as 20%-50% on your annual energy costs when installed properly.

Kirkland Roofing and Exteriors offers professional installation of blown-in insulation in Edmonton and surrounding Alberta communities for new construction as well as existing properties. We have experience with both commercial and residential projects, installing cellulose insulation in walls, attics, and crawl spaces.

Some of the benefits offered by blown-in cellulose insulation include:

blown in insulation
  • Lower utility costs
  • Fire resistance
  • Reduction of air infiltration through walls and attics
  • Blocks outside noise
  • Can usually be installed over existing insulation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fast and easy installation

We invite you to please contact us to share any questions or concerns you have about blown-insulation, or to schedule a free estimate and no-obligation consultation.

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