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Rubber Roofing

Keep Your Home Weather-Resistant with Rubber Roofing in Edmonton

For a commercial roof that is resistant to wind and fire and is highly leak-resistant, choose rubber roofing for your Edmonton business. There are many advantages to rubber roofing. Kirkland Roofing and Exteriors uses rubber shingles that are made in Calgary from 95% recycled material from Alberta, making this type of roofing a very environmentally friendly option. Rubber roofing does not lose its colour and comes with a 50-year guarantee. It also does not dent or buckle when walked on. Since rubber helps with sound-proofing, putting a rubber roof on your facility will keep the interior quieter. There are many advantages to this roofing choice and we at Kirkland Roofing and Exteriors recommend it highly. We will install and repair your rubber roof with the same care, attention, and expertise that we bring to every roofing job.

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