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solar installation


Imagine for a moment how different your life would be if you didn’t have to pay for the energy used in your home or business. 

Harvesting energy from the sun through solar panels is not only an environmentally safe, renewable solution; it will also greatly reduce your carbon footprint and save you thousands of dollars during the panels’ service lifetime.

Solar panels have come a long way in recent years; they’ve become more efficient and it is now possible to harvest enough energy to power your home or business all year round. As an added bonus, any surplus power that you generate can be sold to your local electrical power provider at a minimum rate. Charges for fixed fees, such as distribution and transmission charges, local access fees, etc. will still appear on your monthly bill.

solar diagram

Kirkland Roofing and Exteriors offers sales and installation of solar panels in Edmonton for residential and commercial properties. Our process begins with a no-obligation inspection and consultation to determine if solar panels are right for your property. If so, we will then custom design a plan for panel placement to fulfill all or part of your energy demand. We handle all the paperwork for you and installation is completed by our experienced technicians.

Government of Alberta’s Solar Rebate Program
The government of Alberta has created and funded a $36 million solar rebate program to reduce the cost of solar panel installation for homes and businesses in Edmonton and throughout Alberta. Find details at the Energy Efficiency Alberta website or give us a call to schedule a no-obligation consultation and free estimate for solar installation.

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